Privacy Policy

I will never trade, distribute or sell the personal data that is stored on my blog.

Let me tell you what data is stored when.

When you visit Reading with Jessica.
WordPress automatically stores your IP address. The only thing we do with it is see from which countries my visitors come. It only gives me a look into the country you’re from. I do not know more specifics about where you’re from.

When you subscribe to Reading with Jessica with your email.
Your email and name is stored on my email subscribers list on my statistics page. I will not do anything with your email. You will only receive emails when a new blog post goes live. If at any point you want to unsubscribe, you can do that on the bottom of one of those emails.

When you comment on a post on Reading with Jessica.
Your name, email and website will be stored on my WordPress blog. I will not use this for anything other than seeing who left a comment.

If you have a questions about my privacy policy, please contact me at

You can also check the Privacy and Cookie policy from WordPress.

This privacy policy is subject to change so I encourage you to check back to make sure you’re still okay with what personal data I store on my site.

Last updated on August 3, 2018.