Hey hey!! Jessica here! I’m horrible at trying to write things about myself soooo we’re going to go with a random facts list instead 😉

  • I loveeeee reading romance. If a book doesn’t have romance……chances are very high that I won’t enjoy it.
  • I feel like I may be moving away from YA. I don’t seem to enjoy it as much as I used to. BUT that may be due to all the pressure that comes with reading what everyone else loved.
  • My favorite thing to read about would be sports related romances. Football, baseball, hockey, etc. *insert googly eyes gif here*
  • I watch an obscene amount of television. As in keep a folder of all the shows just to keep up with them all *giggles* So bring up any TV show and chances are I watch it.
  • My current favorite color is Yellow. I also love a pastel purple (notice the blog colors)
  • I’m a huge Lucille Ball fanatic. I’ve watched every I Love Lucy episode about 50 times XD
  • My goal has always been to read 100 books a year. Last year I came SOOO close but ran into some eye issues. This year…….I’m reading children’s books to try to keep up with my goal. *sigh* One day it will happen!
  • My other reading-ish goal is to win a Goodreads giveaway. PLEASEEEEEEE just let me winnnnnn lol! The desperation is real at this point.

I think that’s enough random facts for now. Hope you enjoyed learning a few facts about me. Leave some random facts about yourself below for me to check out! Have a great day!! ((hugs))



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