Would you rather? Romance Edition

I came up with a few torturous questions for my fellow romance readers to choose from. Trust me, I struggled with these just as much as you will!! I threw in a couple of these that aren’t strictly romance related for those who don’t read that genre.

 1.) Would you rather have a MC who cheats all the time or a MC who is forever hung up on their ex?

Gahhhh! This isn’t easy. I’m going with forever hung up on their ex. Maybe there’s hope that one day they can move on…but a cheater…I can’t be with.

2.) Would you rather have the last chapter missing from every book or know the ending at the beginning of each story?

I choose the last chapter missing. This way I can at least come up with my own details and theories about what happened. If I know the ending to each story….I doubt I’ll be able to sit back and enjoy it. I’m torn on this for sure though!

3.) Would you rather have all the characters without descriptions or read a full page of descriptions for each character?

The descriptions can go. Half the time I ignore what the authors are telling us and form my own version of the characters in my mind anyway.

4.) Would you rather have your favorite couple break up or one half of the couple sacrificing themselves to save the other?

Story wise….someone sacrificing themselves to save the other would be an ugly cry story and I just love those!

Reality wise….of course I don’t want anyone to get hurt so I would obviously choose them to break up.

5.) Would you rather see a happy couple you know will eventually get divorced or have a couple who barely socialize with one another?

Going with the first option. At least you have the good times to reflect on. Being with someone you have no feelings towards and they feel the same in return sounds so miserable 😦

I thought this was pure torture lol!!! Coming up with the questions AND the answers were super difficult. I’d love to see everyone’s answers in the comments below. Also let me know if you’d like to see more of these 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Would you rather? Romance Edition”

  1. ooh these are some tuff questions! I’d have to agree that I think I would rather read about one member of a relationship sacrificing themselves they to see them break up, just because I think it makes for a better story! Great answers though 🙂

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