Review: Team Player 2 Anthology

Team Player 2: A Sports Anthology

Team Player 2 Anthology

There are quite a few stories within this anthology. I plan to read through them and post my reviews as I finish. Look for more reviews coming soon!!

The Strike Out by Meghan Quinn

4 Stars

This is my first book by Meghan Quinn and I absolutely loved her writing style! She has a great way of making you visualize the story as you read along. This story goes alongside some of her other books called The Locker Room and The Dugout. I thought this was a series but Goodreads doesn’t show it as being one? Super strange. ANYWAY……We follow one of the baseball players named Holt Green. Holt is quite a handful!!! He’s cocky and confident yet can be obnoxious at times too lol!!! I loved all his innuendos!! He had an endless supply of them that always made me grin. His love interest Harmony Styles couldn’t help falling for them as well. Harmony isn’t a superstar athlete and her family doesn’t have tons of money like Holt’s does. Harmony has preconceived notions about athletes based on a past experience she had with a football player so she doesn’t give in to Holt’s charm easily. When these two meet, it’s FIREWORKS. They have this amazing banter and this push and pull that was very entertaining to read.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. It was just way too short for me though!!! I need more from this dynamic duo!! This novella also convinced me to go back and read the other two books that go alongside this story. I just can’t get enough of this group of baseball players.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Team Player 2 Anthology”

  1. HOW IS THIS YOUR FIRST BOOK BY MEGHAN QUINN?!?! This is part of the Locker Room and Dugout series. She writes them as standalones that are part of a series, but she doesn’t name these types of connected books as series. If you ever want her reading order, let me know! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. It killed me that I didn’t get an ending.

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