Blogtober Wrap Up/Update


Annnnnndddddd that’s a wrap on Blogtober 2018!!!!! I officially posted every single day in October. I will say some posts were later than usual and others just barely made it up on certain days. If you participated in Blogtober, I hope you were able to complete the goals you set for yourself!! If you didn’t, that’s a-okay. Sometimes life happens and we have to roll with it!

Update: I just realized I didn’t post anything on the 5th….what the world?!?!?!?! I wonder if I did the “schedule date” wrong or just completely forgot for that day. Well…rats!!! A-for effort I suppose lol!!!

Up next:

In the last few months of 2018 I plan to read whatever I want. I really want to concentrate on Kindle Unlimited and books I own. It’s silly to keep buying more and more books and never reading the ones I already own. It’s also goofy to let Kindle Unlimited just sit there month after month without reading anything from it.

I also really want to wrap up some YA series that I’ve started. I only have 1 book left on a ton of series so it’s time to finish them. Another thing on my list is to continue with my re-read of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas.

I think I only have 1 more ARC that I signed up to read for the rest of the year. That should help lessen the pressures of reading.

Blogmas is just around the corner and I cannot wait to participate!!! I look forward to the Christmas season every year. It’s my favorite time of year. I practically listen to Christmas music year round so it’s nice to be able to listen without people yelling at me lol!!!


My goal for the rest of the year is to reach 1,000 followers on my blog. I’m currently at 930 with 70 more to go. If you could help me reach my goal, I would be forever grateful!!!!! Thank you to everyone for all your love and support. I love blogging and talking about books with all of you guys!!! The blogging/reader world is just the best!!!

I hope you all have an amazing and safe Halloween!! May you get to eat all your candy favorites!!! Save me some Kit Kat bars and Twix please ❤

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5 thoughts on “Blogtober Wrap Up/Update”

  1. You have some great goals for the month! I have been trying to get through books on my Kindle. I actually went through all of them and started looking them up on GR. I read reviews and blurbs and deleted a ton of free books I knew I wouldn’t read. It was so freeing! Now, I can more easily pick out books I really want to read. I am finding that I feel like I can DNF books I’m not enjoying, too. If they’re free, it doesn’t bother me as much I guess.

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