Star Studded Saturday | 43

Star Studded Saturday

This week’s theme is: Movie/TV Reviews

*Clicking the photos will take you to their IMDb page.*

Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster

Tom Holland is perfect for this role. I love the humor he brought to Spider-Man. I think they are making more Spider Man movies with him but can’t say for sure.

Man of Steel Poster

WOW!!! Henry Cavill is the perfect actor to play Superman *fans self*. I LOVED this movie so much!!! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch it. Definitely my new favorite ❤

Image result for big brother

I’ve been binging season 12 of Big Brother here lately!! I’m currently on episode 29 of 30!!! It’s been such a great season!! I’ve always heard about the Brigade alliance but had no idea what anyone was talking about. I just had to go and watch that season and WOW, they did great!! I think I may binge season 14 next!

These are the most recent movies that I’ve watched. What have you watched recently?! Let me know in the comments below!!



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