Feburary 2018 Wrap Up

Wrap Up

This month I read a total of 4.5 books. The .5 being The Beau and The Belle that I didn’t quite finish up in January. I think I did pretty well this month. I know it’s not 10+ like some others but I’m proud of that number. We all read at different speeds so it’s totally fine to read whatever you read each month ❤

The Beau and The Belle by R.S. Grey: 4 Stars, check out my review here.

Mr. President by Katy Evans: 3 Stars, check out my review here.

Reckless by Lex Martin: 5 Stars, check out my review here.

The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson: 4 Stars, check out my review here.

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory: 2 Stars, check out my review here.

Book Club

In the month of February we read two books for book club!! First off, we read Mr. President by Katy Evans. You can check out the post here. We had 4 people join in this one: Myself, Nicole, Stacie, and Linda. It was such a blast discussing this book with them. If you would like to check out my review, click here.

Secondly, we continued with the Remnant Chronicles read along and picked up book two. The Heart of Betrayal was AMAZING!!! Joining us for this one was: Myself, Linda, Danielle, Sahitya, Nicole, Miranda, and Adrianna. We had so much fun discussing the book and coming up with different scenarios to what would happen. LOVE our little Remnant Chronicles group ❤

This month I didn’t get to any of my backlist TBR. I did continue on with the Remnant Chronicles but it wasn’t on my list so I’m not counting it. If you’d like to see the books on my list, check out my sign up post here.

Total: 1

Once again, I didn’t read any of the books that I chose for this challenge this month. Next month I’ll be working on the Red Queen series so I’ll be able to knock off two from my list. If you’d like to see the books on my TBR for this challenge, click here.

Total: 0

This challenge was created by Nori at Read, Write, Love 28. Check out the details here. I thought it would be fun to share with you the blogs I visited each month for this challenge. I’ll link you to the post I visited but please check out their other posts as well!

  1. Girl plus books
  2. Step into a book world
  3. Greg’s book haven
  4. Book lovers blog
  5. The Calico Books
  6. Boston Book Reader
  7. The bookworm in me
  8. Reading with Lori
  9. The Wanderlust reader
  10. Berries and Books
  11. Book Hooked Nook
  12. The introverted book nerd
  13. The book wench
  14. Boundless Bookaholic
  15. The Bookish Sisters
  16. The Caramel Files
  17. Linda’s Little Library
  18. The Bookish Librarian
  19. Palmer’s Page Turners
  20. Life Among the Pages
  21. Sherlockian Book lover
  22. The Book Junkie
  23. Brian’s Book blog
  24. Chachic’s Book Nook
  25. Nerd Narration
  26. What She’s Read
  27. No reads too great
  28. Book Nerd Addict

Total: 59


  •  652 Visitors
  •  648 Followers on WordPress
  •  27 Blog Posts
  •  47 Followers on Blog Lovin’
  •  1,140 Followers on Twitter

Overall, it was a great month. I read more books than I did in January and had two successful book club read alongs. Thank you all for your support and friendship ❤ Good luck to us all in March!!!!!



28 thoughts on “Feburary 2018 Wrap Up”

  1. Great reading month! To me, 4-5 books is a pretty normal month. I’m always astound at those who are able to read 15-20 books a month! I really need to try something from R.S. Grey. I feel like I see her books everywhere and I always see good reviews for them.

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